• Fashion Queen
  • Fashion Queen for Fashion Hunger Create your Dream Looks Now!


  • Do the job to build up your fashion career
  • Real time contest system with other players
  • Shopping to create dream looks
  • Make fantastic boyfriends to help your career
  • Make friends to get better outcome in the contest!
  • Fashion Queen lets you purchase in- game using real money.
  • Fashion Queen is real time online game with massive users, it needed 3G/4G/WiFi

Special Features

  • Customize and accessorize your own character, choosing from a variety of make - ups, hairstyles and closing lines!
  • Contest with your opponents to take a win by your own customize accessories and closings, you have to take more Luxury item than your opponents to be win.
  • Over 200 unique closing and accessories to create your dream looks
  • 10 kinds boy friends who have most charming job: Doctor, Singer, Lawyer.. and so on