• Bird Pang for Kakao
  • Enjoy the exciting and thrills of going Pang!


  • Easy to play, Pang!
    Send off three birds of the same color
    A game anyone can play, regardless of age or gender
    Have your mom, dad, sister, brother, friends join Bird Pang!
  • Exciting Pang!
    Build up gauge and bombs, electricity and thunder birds will appear!
    Check out the power birds' cute moves!
    Enjoy the double effects, thrills and fun!
  • Speedy Pang!
    Fever Mode activates if you send off birds a few times in a row.
    Win higher points by making double combos
    Move your fingers faster within the 60 seconds to search the hidden modes
  • Win first place, Pang!
    The more combos you make, the higher your points!
    With guide items, winning first place is a piece of cake!
    Make accurate aims to make combos in a row and win double points!
  • Pump up the volume, Pang!
    Flap flap, flutter flutter
    Once you hear the sounds, you can't stop!
    The addictive sounds will double the fun.
  • Play with a friend, Pang!
    Invite a friend to earn a Wing. If you run out, ask for one!
    Nudge a friend by sending a message!
    Play with a friend to earn double Wings and extra fun!

Special Features

  • Beware: You'll have so much fun shooting birds that you might lose track of time!