• Dragon Wizard
  • The great journey of four wizards seeking for legendary dragon!


  • - Bree the dragon
  • Legendary Dragon eggs are hidden all over the place!
  • What possibly be my egg will turn into? Breed your dragon in your own way!
  • - Mating system
  • Mate your two best dragons and hatch the legendary!
  • Though you match two different dragons with two different ranks, you may acheive the dragon with higher ranks.
  • The mating beween two high rank dragons may hatch rare and legendary dragon!
  • - Real-time based dragon battle
  • Make your own dragon army and be notorious in dragon island!
  • - Various missions, stages & bosses
  • About 1000 adventurous mission and mighty boss monster awaits your challenge.
  • Get experience and gold through the mission!

Special Features

  • - Friend recommendation
  • Do you play dragon wizard? Tell your friends and make more allies
  • Send an invitation to your friends and get rare dragon.
  • Get recommendation from your friends and get cash.