• Three Kingdoms Heroes
  • The warriors of the 3 Kingdoms have come into you phone!


  • - Hundreds of the Three Kingdoms heroes in your smart phone!
  • Cao Cao "I throw the world that does not bend. The world is not going to throw me!"
  • Zhou Yu "Heavens! Why must we have been placed here together?"
  • Zhuge Liang "There is no eternal winner in the world of battle. Cao Cao will be defeated one day. We will be the one to achieve the unification of this world!"
  • Zhang Fei "I am still waiting for a real challenge!"
  • Cao Hong "You can conquer the world without me, but we cannot conquer this world without my Emperor!"

Special Features

  • * Please NOTE:
  • This is an online game only. iPod Touch users must be connected to WiFi in order to play.